Pivot Your Career into Financial Freedom

We hear it all the time: Tech is the future. Over the last few years, a plethora of tech companies have moved or plan to move to the middle Tennessee area. Nashville is quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of the South. Research shows that entry-level jobs within these companies can not only provide you with perks like flexible schedules and remote-work opportunities, but also the confidence in knowing that you’ve “secured the bag” with a starting salary of $65,000. Pivot Tech is here to give you the blueprint, and guide you and your family to “The Road to Economic Prosperity.”

Our mission at Pivot Technology School is to create avenues that empower a highly diverse demographic by providing industry leading training in high-demand technology skills. That’s just another way of saying we encourage minorities; whether it be people of color or women to enter into the world of tech by supplying them the skills they need in order to stand out amongst the competition. This is in response to the disheartening reality reported by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics that the median weekly earnings of Blacks ($792) and Hispanics ($742) working full-time jobs were lower than those of their white counterparts ($1,007.) Additionally, women earn a weekly median income of only $894 compared to $1,072 of men. The hard truth is, we can not continue to live like this.

So, what can be done to address this problem that affects so many of us like a bad plague? For starters, investing in yourself is key. Pivot Technology School is the perfect solution for just that. The tuition rates begin as low as $6,500, and we partner with Climb Credit in order to provide our students with flexible repayment options that can fit almost any budget.

Secondly, we must not be blind to the times, but rather, appreciate the changes they bring. Our generation was raised for a world that no longer exists, but we shouldn’t be afraid of what it has become. Instead, we should welcome new skills to get us new opportunities and eventually, a new lifestyle!

Lastly, realizing that success soon follows the hard work and sacrifice of just 20 weeks worth of training at Pivot Tech. As the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports, the average income of those in various technology realms range from $60,000 to well over 6-figure salaries.

$60,000 salary from a $6,500 + 20 week investment.

If one should question this formula, we have PTS Alumni that have proven it to be true. Take Melinda Sewak, for example. Melinda graduated from the Data Analytics cohort. Once completing the program as one of the top-performing students, she landed a job as a Reporting Analyst with HealthStream–one of the largest healthcare organizations in Nashville, and one of our amazing Pivot Partners. Melinda made the choice to Pivot, and she is now able to see the positive impact it’s had on her life so far.

What would life be like for you if you double your salary in less than a year? Could you finally pay-off debt? Get approved for a new home? Plan for retirement? Feel confident like Melinda in knowing that your job is secure?

Are you truly ready for a change in your life? Then you just might be ready to Pivot…

Although tech is the future, the time is now.

Photo Credit: cfainstitute.org