Buying a New Laptop Tax-Free? Look Here!

As you may know, Pivot Technology School is based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Every year, the residents get the opportunity to take advantage of a Tax-Free Weekend. This year, it falls during the dates of July 30th to August 1st. Basically, Tennesseans can purchase a range of merchandise: clothes, school and office supplies, and certain technological devices for the listed price, and not pay any state tax in the transaction. Of course, there are certain stipulations and criteria that your items must meet. Here, we are allotted tax-free purchases on computers that are $1,500 or less–which is a great budget if you’re currently in the market to buy a new laptop!

I’ve done a little research to help make your buying decision a lot easier: These are some of the best deals for laptops and computers this year!

NOTE: This post is not a paid endorsement or sponsorship, and Pivot Technology School nor myself have received any compensation for the products this post recommends. This is solely for you to take into consideration when making a purchase.

MacBook Air-$999

As an avid Apple user, I have to say I personally love the simplicity of a MacBook. The Air model is super lightweight but packs a powerful punch when it comes to the Retina display and specs. It comes preloaded with a range of apps that are sure to make life easier. If you happen to have other Apple devices, you could easily sync them to make sure you don’t miss a notification. If your work requires you to use Microsoft Office, it’s compatible for an additional cost (or you can check with your school/organization for free access.) Google offers various programs that are extremely comparable for the basic functionality that Microsoft Office performs. The MacBook Air that is equipped with 256 GBSSD Storage starts out at $999, and goes from there.

HP 14″ Touch Screen-$499.99

This laptop received great reviews, and was noted as being an affordable option for everyone, from students to gamers, to business owners. It’s touch screen adds in overall functionality, and it syncs with your existing Google account. It’s also easy to set up and is user-friendly, so no need to be overwhelmed if this is your first computer purchase or consider yourself a novice. The 256GB SSD model starts out at $499.99.

HP ENVY 2-n1 Touch Screen-$1079.99

Is it a tablet? Or a laptop? You pretty much get the best of both worlds with the HP ENVY. Reviews rave about it’s dual functionality, as well the graphics. It’s a lightweight machine that works quickly, runs smoothly, and is sleek and pleasing to the eye. If you’re in the market for something that would fit into your life as a student or for everyday business, check this out. It’s also affordable enough to stay well within the budget of $1,500!

Dell Inspiron Touch Screen-$899.99

This laptop is an honorable mention for a few different reasons. It’s noted that this 17 inch machine runs great and has a decent display. There are also specs that would be ideal for the natural-born creative who loves to draw! It’s easy to set-up and user-friendly. There are a few contradictory reviews that state that when it comes to upgrading, there can be some issues. However, as stated earlier, this isn’t a recommendation–just some information to help you make the best decision for you.

Samsung 13.3″ Touch Screen-$1,399.99

I haven’t had the chance to see one of these in person, but the pictures are simply gorgeous! It’s ultra-thin and you have the option of getting some great colors like this dark shade of navy. Reviews state that the battery life is great for the creative that’s often on-the-go, and it’s a very functional laptop for business professionals or students. This also doubles as a 2-n-1 and can turn into a tablet if you want.

I hope this helps you make a decision about what laptop meets your needs. Still, there are plenty of other options out there, but hopefully this will provide you with a great starting point. The main things I tend to look for overall are storage capacity, functionality, screen display, and application compatibility. I’m also a sucker for pretty colors and accessories!

Here’s RetailMeNot’s list of other states that participate in Tax Free Weekends, and the criteria that your merchandise has to meet!

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