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Mentoring Program

Pivot Technology school is currently looking for professionals to serve as mentors to our students. At Pivot Tech we believe that creating an environment of learning and support is essential while embarking on this journey. Our mentoring program will aid our current and future students in their learning and development as new analyst and developers. As a Pivot Mentor you will be a part of our growing global network of developers, coders, analysts and technology professionals. 

During our pairing process we aim to select the best mentor-mentee pairing based on interest, skillset and program.

Pivot Tech School is seeking the following:

If you are interested in becoming a Pivot Tech Mentor please complete the following form and we will contact you regarding next steps. 

“Mentoring can be a powerful tool for change and growth. Under the right mentor, a mentee is able to expand their capabilities and realize their potential. Mentors are those who have the experience, wisdom and skills to help you achieve your goals. “

– Silicon Valley & Mentoring in tech

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