Pivot Tech 20 Week Bootcamps

Data Analytics


In our Cybersecurity cohort, you’ll learn the ins and outs of protecting your company’s network and sensitive data from attacks, damage and unauthorized access. 


This course serves as the student’s initial introduction to Data Analytics.  Prerequisite  knowledge of Operating systems and Microsoft Office is required and will aid in the student’s success. This course examines and exposes students to techniques and tools necessary to import, cleanse, and analyze data. The course studies spreadsheets, Structured Query Language (SQL), visualization tools, and an introduction to computer programming. The goal of this course is to prepare the student to pivot into an entry level career in the field of Data Analysis.

Course objectives:

• Breaking big problems down into small manageable task
• Helping you navigate the vast amount of FREE resources available to you
• Helping you to understand the various paths and careers within software development
• Helping you to understand how code translates into a usable application


This course is offered in a virtual, synchronous platform with Teachable serving as the learning management system. Class
sessions are held three times a week at night, which each session lasting a duration of three (3) hours. Regular attendance is required, and students are expected to be present in the learning environment by the scheduled starting time of the class. Additional course requirements and grading standards are communicated by the course instructor. This course is meant to be taught in a way that encourages students to be an active learner and active source of knowledge for other classmates, two skills that are absolutely essential to succeed in frontend web development.

The course instructional methodology is as follows :

• Demonstration
• Hands-on experience
• Assignments
• Projects
• Exams


Week 1 – Excel
Introduction to Excel

Week 2 – Excel
 Creating Advanced Formulas
Logical and Lookup Formulas
Organizing Data with Tables
Visualizing Data with Excel

Week 3 – Excel
 Auditing and Error Checking
Worksheet Automation
Working with Multiple Notebooks
Data Analysis and Presentation

Week 4 – Excel
Getting Started with PowerPivot
Manipulating PowerPivot Data
Creating PowerPivot Reports
Using DAX

Week 5 – Data Analysis
Introduction to Analytics

Week 6 – SQL for Data Analysis
Introduction to SQL
Querying One Table

Weeks 7 & 8 – SQL for Data Analysis
Querying Multiple Tables (Joins)

Week 9 – SQL for Data Analysis
Inserting, Updating, and Deleting
Writing Summary Queries

Week 10 – SQL for Data Analysis
Writing Subqueries

Week 11 – SQL for Data Analysis
 Creating Tables and Views

Week 12 – Power BI for Data Analysis
Introducing Power BI
Importing Data into Power BI Desktop
Data Munging and Power Query

Week 13 – Power BI for Data Analysis
Creating the Data Model
Creating Calculations with DAX
Creating Measures with DAX

Week 14 – Power BI for Data Analysis
Incorporating Time Intelligence
Creating Reports with Power BI

Week 15 – Power BI for Data Analysis
Power BI Project

Week 16 – Python for Data Analysis
Python Fundamentals
Writing Your First Programs

Week 17 – Python for Data Analysis
 Control Statements

Functions and Modules

Week 19 – Python for Data Analysis
File I/O with Python
Pandas and Numpy

Week 20
Prepare Capstone
Present at Demo Day