What’s the

Pivot Difference


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of our courses? Bootcamps?

20-week bootcamps: Keep your day job and work on pivoting your career after hours. Join your class 3 nights a week and every other Saturday for in-person instruction.

What is the difference between Data Analysis vs Data Analytics?

Data Analysis is the process of analyzing data to draw business insights. Analysts use data to answer business questions. Data Analytics involves building statistical models that allow more automation and deeper understanding of data.

How long are the accelerated bootcamp programs?

Our programs are currently 20 weeks long (approx 5 months).

What is the time commitment required to successfully complete the program?

Students should expect to spend 6-8 hours per week in class and 8-10 hours a week outside of class.

Pivot Tech Job Placement

Pivot Technology School’s primary goal is to get our students employed in a technology career. We have created a multi-phased process in order to remove any potential roadblocks. The success of our school is directly tied to our ability to assist our students in finding and securing roles in the tech industry.

Pivot has created partnerships with corporations and small to midsize companies in the region to develop a talent pipeline from Pivot

Our partners have agreed to hold mock interviews throughout the cohorts.

Provide mentors directly from their corporations to aid in student development.

Hold an open house the final 2 weeks of the program to review projects and interview students for open roles

Pivot also differs from other programs through our Student Entrepreneurship program which allows students to begin working as a freelancer while enrolled.

Students will develop and create profiles and begin building clientele during class.

Students will learn the ins and outs of sourcing contract work and professional development.

We have also created a subsidiary called Pivot Staffing Solutions, LLC. to source contract opportunities.

Through PSS we will be able to hire our students directly for contract and staffing roles.
Students will have the ability to gain industry knowledge and experience with PSS.
Pivot Tech School students will have the first opportunity to fill roles before any roles are available to outside resources.