Pivot Tech’s Hidden Figures

I have the pleasure of being the mother of a bright and beautiful 12 year-old girl who just so happens to love any and everything “tech.” I sat down this past weekend with her to watch one of our favorite movies, Hidden Figures, the heartwarming story of three black female mathematicians and human-computers that helped NASA operate astronaut John Glenn’s successful launch into orbit. The story is so captivating, it’ll have you locked into every little second.

It seemed fitting that we had the desire to watch this particular movie during the last couple days of Black History Month–which happens to be on the cusp of Women’s History Month. It all comes full circle for me because the history of Hidden Figures and this time of year encompasses everything I’ve envisioned for my own daughter; the confidence, strength, intelligence, and grit.

And, most importantly, a solid sisterhood.

Thankfully, I work for an organization like Pivot Tech–who recognizes, respects and encourages the hustle of a woman, and is aware that She is a valuable asset; and not just an overlooked minority. Additionally, we have some pretty cool people in our circle that feel the same way.

Take Maria Recio, for example. She’s a fellow tech leader and Realtor based out of Nashville. She recently decided to help two single mothers who desired to get into the technology field by providing full ride scholarships for both. And, well, let’s just say, the Girl Power was so extreme, she eventually chose three. Yes, THREE single mothers are now getting the chance to attend Pivot Technology School and will not have to pay anything out of pocket due to a sister extending a helping hand and loving heart. A true Hidden Figure: that’s nothing short of amazing!

On behalf of Pivot Tech, and all the sisters out there, I want to thank Maria Recio for her selflessness and philanthropy. You’re an awesome example of what a true sisterhood is all about! I’d also like to congratulate Pivot Tech’s newest students: Sharon Hammons for Cyber Security, and Sara Perry and Rosa Truneh for Web Development. Congratulations, sisters! I can’t wait to see what you all accomplish in the near future!

Since we seem to be on a roll for Sister Shoutouts, let’s take a second to highlight Pivot Tech’s own Hidden Figures:

Ashanti Reed-Hawkins, Public Relations

Brittany City, Data Analytics Instructor

Courtenay Rogers, Project Management & Operations Consulting

Jamila Hailstock, On Boarding Specialist

Moxie Hampton, Full Stack Instructor

YaSanta Wells, VP of Operations

All of these women hold a dear place in the hearts of everyone in the Pivot Tech family. We thank you for everything that you do, and want to take the time out to wish you a happy International Women’s Day!