Software Development

Software Development

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We are proud to offer two career paths in software development. Front End Web Development and Full Stack Engineer.  Full Stack Engineer path requires that you complete the Front End program as well as one of the Back End programs.

Front End Web Development 20 Week Program

Students will learn to build robust and dynamic websites. The first ten weeks focus on building an understanding for web design concepts. Students get hands on practice designing web pages with CSS3 and HTML5. This course goes in depth into the core competencies of MVC Architecture, AJAX and Asynchronous Programming, and functional programming.

Module 1: Web Development Fundementals

Timeline: Weeks 1-10

  • HTML5 and CSS3

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Introductory Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Document Object Model (DOM) Manipulation & Traversal

  • Multiple Approaches to Page Layout

Module 2: Web Development Foundations

Timeline: Weeks 11-18

  • MVC Architecture
  • Responsive Design

  • Web Request/ Response Cycle

  • SQL

  • Client-Side Templates

  • Server-Side Routing and Rendering

  • Services and RESTful APIs

  • Functional Programming

  • Persistence with Databases

  • AJAX and Asynchronous Programming

  • JSON and 3rd-party APIs

  • Express.JS

  • Deployment with cloud services like Heroku

  • Daily Practice in Data Structures

  • Strings

  • Arrays

  • Objects

  • Functional Programming

Module 3: Capstone Project

Timeline: Weeks 19-20

  • Capstone Project

Course Info

Course Start Date 10/31/2017
Course End Date 10/26/2018
Estimated Duration 50 hours
Maximum Students 90
Time 5AM
Levels Basic
Course Cost $350

Course Teacher

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